Tomi “accidentally” gets owned on Twitter by Alaska Airlines

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SEATTLE, WA -- Tomi, Tomi, Tomi.

The trolls just can't get enough of her, can they?

Case in point? When Tomi recently flew with Alaska Airlines. The flight, apparently, wasn't quite up to her standards. So she tweeted the airline saying:

Not even 20 minutes later, she got a response back! You'll note the tweet was sent by Ryan.

Now, for those who aren't familiar, Lahren was called "Tammy" by rapper Wale in a song.

Ever since then, saying or typing her name wrong has been an ongoing joke. So, naturally the internet had a field day!!

Rapper Wale, the one who started the Tammy train tweeted:

Some people were sort of nice about it by saying:

Others, not so much. This person said:

Ouch, but the airline did come back with someone named 'Andre' who says:

The internet didn't care and told Andre to shut it and bring Ryan back!

Others kept milking it by throwing out the Tammie's, Tori's, and Toni's.

Hate to say it but Tawni, oops we mean Tomi, opened the flood gate on this one. Though, we have a sneaking suspicion she doesn't care.

After all, she's the one who seems to just get bigger the more attention, good or bad, she gets.


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