Tolls are up and gas is down!

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DALLAS -- North Texas drivers, listen up! We've got some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first: it's with a heavy heart we tell you the amount you pay to use toll roads is on the rise.

We're not thrilled about it either. Starting July 1, TollTag users will have to pay one extra penny per mile. So instead of paying $0.17 like before, TollTag users will have to fork over $0.18.

That doesn't sound too bad, but those pennies add up! Especially if you take tolls every day, sometimes even multiple times a day! If you don't have a TollTag, well you're paying 50% more per mile, so your pockets are about to start crying for help.

The NTTA says it's all part of the plan to increase prices every other year, but not all hope is lost! While toll prices might be on the rise, the price of gas is taking a nose dive!

All over Texas, gas prices have dropped $0.16 cents in the past month and it just keeps going down. At most stations, a gallon of regular will set you back right around two bucks, but there are some hidden gems selling it cheaper than that.

So tolls might be going up, but cheap gas more than makes up for it, for now. Sooner or later, gas prices will probably do a 180 and start climbing again.


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