Title Revealed: Star Wars Releases Name of New Movie

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Burbank, CA-A long long time ago in a twitterverse far far away, Star Wars made the minds of nerds and geeks explode!

Okay, so it wasn’t that long ago! On Thursday, Star Wars revealed the title for their new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Grab some coffee and rub the crud off your eyes, the force is up after a 30 year nap from the Return of the Jedi.

The name of the seventh installment sent sci-fi lovers and haters to Twitter to mock the new release. Using #rejectedstarwarsmovietitles!

Tweets like “The force awakens and immediately checks its Facebook feed” or “Star Wars 7… There’s still more money to be made,” were tweeted out.

Looks like some people have a bad feeling about this one. Love it or hate it, The Force Awakens comes out December of 2015! And remember “the force will be with you, always.”

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