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DALLAS — 2017 is just about over and you know what that means — party time!

“I’m going to a sick party at a loft in Deep Ellum,” said Isaac Esquibel of Dallas.

“It’s going to be crazy. We’re going to have a jump house, a petting zoo, and fireworks. It’s going to be crazy!” Roberto Martinez enthusiastically added.

Yeah, a lot of folks will be going crazy partying the night away on New Year’s Eve. So, if you find yourself under the influence, you’ve got some options.

“I use Uber and Lyft. I like Lyft more because they don’t charge surge pricing,” said Mary Margaret Gowdey.

Hey, beware of that. When the demand is high, so are the prices. A Denver woman claims her Uber ride from an Elton John concert cost her $443 for a 20 mile ride home.

“The price that we quote you is the price you’re going to get. There is no surge pricing with Premier Transportation,” said Eric Devlin, President/Owner  of Premier Transportation.

You could hit the clubs in a limo or hire a chauffeured car. Just get together a bunch of friends, pool your money, and designate one of their drivers.

“A popular way to defray some  of the cost is to rent a van or a mini bus and split those costs among  four, five, six couples,” said Devlin.

Hey, sounds like a good idea to us.

But if free is more your price range — AAA offers a complimentary ride with Tipsy Tow. The number to call is 1-800-222-4357. It’s free up to 10 miles.

Finally, if all else fails and you’re still looking for a ride on New Year’s, check out Just type in your address and you’ll get walking directions, car service numbers and help getting home safely.