Tips to having the easiest holiday travel in 2021


WACO, Texas — It’s no secret that many are excited to travel and see family this year after the COVID-19 filled holiday season of 2020. But that still comes with a need for planning and time management.

“Develop your own internal checklist and write it down on paper,” Jarrod Provost said, the Operations Manager for the Killeen Fort Hood Regional Airport. “Make sure you write down all the things you need for your trip, your id, your wallet, your car keys, your cell phone, your battery charger.”

Holidays are happy times for many but when travel is involved, it can create a large amount of stress for passengers from getting stuck at security to a flight being delayed.

Provost explains that the airport is prepared to help those in difficult situations.

“When it starts to get to an escalation, our folks will call our operation center and they will actually end up being myself, and I’ll go down there to talk with the individuals to help de-escalate whether it’s an issue that they’re having with the airlines for a delay, or it’s an issue with a rental car agencies,” he said. “A third party like myself, coming in and being a mediator and trying to understand the situation from both perspectives. Usually calms that situation down 99 times out of 100.”

If you have decided to skip flying this year and are hitting the road for the food filled holiday, Texas Department of Transportation is also warning travelers to stay safe by having a full tank of gas and an emergency plan.

“Ensuring your vehicle is up to date and and on time, on tire conditions, on windshield wipers and and all the things that you use for your vehicle ensuring those are in tip top shape,” TxDot Waco PIO Jake Smith said. “Preparedness is always the way to go.”

Smith also warned that with the holiday celebrations, make you get a sober ride home if you are going to drink. Whether through a friend, a cab, or a ride share app.

Provost also wanted to remind those traveling by air that it is still a federal mandate to wear a face covering while in an airport and an aircraft.

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