Thumbs Up: Jordan Spieth Shows Sportsmanship in Defeat

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HAVEN, WI — Jordan Spieth is the #1 golfer in the world! His stellar day at the PGA Championship put him over the top, claiming the number one spot.

He’s had one heck of a year, putting together the best combined score in the four majors in history, besting Tiger Woods’ mark from 2000.

“To be number one in the world, as a team, this is fantastic and it certainly was a life long goal of mine,” Spieth said on Sunday.

Spieth shot 17-under for the tourney, which usually would be good enough to win the thing. But Jason Day shattered records and won it all with a 20-under par.

And through it all, Jordan was the definition of class. He gave Day a thumbs up after a huge putt and embraced him after his emotional win, even as he lost he chance to win his third major this year.

“By far the best loss I think I’ve ever had,” said Spieth after his second place finish. “I played solid golf, and he just shut the door. I mean, he was sitting there swinging as hard as he could off the tee and every single drive was right down the middle of the fairway.”

Hey, those are traits that golf instructors like Gabe Reynolds try to get through to their students.

“Sportsmanship and etiquette are all a part of a bigger theme that we try to focus on here, which is really having fun,” said Reynolds, the Director of Instruction at Top Golf Dallas. “To me, what it shows is Mr. Spieth is really focused on the process of playing.”

Well, we learned a lot about Jordan Spieth this season. He’s a 22-year-old champion who may just be running the golf world for the next decade. But we learned a lot more about him when he lost than when he won.

Hey, in a sports world often lacking in any form of sportsmanship, it’s nice to have a few good guys around!

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