Three men shot-dead at a race track in Wisconsin, shooter still on the loose

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Three men from Illinois were shot-dead during a race in Wisconsin.

Track volunteer, Brian Mitchell, said, “this is an event that it is purposely put together to be a family event. They wanna have fun.. they wanna show off their rides.”

The three men were at a food vendor’s stand when a man believed to be in his twenties walked up and shot them at point-blank range, Sunday.

Two of the men died at the scene, the third died on the way to the hospital.

The shooter is still loose but cops say they believe gang members from Milwaukee and Chicago were involved.

“A lot of people may have not wanted to come up and talk to the Sheriff’s Department initially because they’re afraid someone is going to see them,” Sheriff David Beth said.

“We see all kinds of people come and go, and to be honest for this event, I think that most of them let bygones be bygones. At least for a day. Everyone enjoys that fact that they can relax and that they don’t have to worry about something bad happening,” Mitchell said.

More than 5,000 people were at “Larry’s Fun Fest” when the shooting happened, for what was supposed to be a day of drag racing, tailgating and car shows.

“They purposely paid to come here to barbecue so that way they’re not in the public parks. This is a crowd that’s really going out of their way to make something good happen, and one bad apple came in and ruined it for them,” Mitchell said.

Cops say they’re hoping a witness will come forward with information to help catch the shooter.

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