Thousands of Texas Women Trying Home Abortions, Study Finds

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AUSTIN -- DIY or Do-It-Yourself is a philosophy embraced by many people who either try to save money or simply take pride in completing a task by themselves. But there are some things better left to the professionals, and no matter how you feel about abortion, it's clearly not a do-it-yourself procedure.

But according to findings released by the University of Texas Policy Evaluation Project, between 100,000 and 240,000 women in Texas have tried to induce their own abortions within the past year. The study was conducted to show the result of lawmakers' attempts to limit women's access to legal abortions.

Their interviews with women included stories of taking misoprostol, or in other cases, herbs and vitamins to end their pregnancies. When those methods didn't work, some of the women were then forced to get surgical abortions.

Even that option has become scarce in Texas. In 2013, there were 41 licensed abortion providers. Today there are only 18.

In June, a provision that abortion providers must meet the licensing standards of outpatient surgery centers was blocked by federal court. If it hadn't been, only nine clinics would've remained open across the entire state.

Robert Jeffress, who’s the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, strongly opposes abortion and believes the women are to blame in this situation, “If women would stop trying to kill their own babies, they don't have to worry about the aftermath of self-induced abortions. The answer to what is happening is not to make abortion more available."

“I think it's shocking that in 2015 we're still worrying about women not being able to get reliable access to a qualified medical provider. That's pretty scary," said Kelly Hart, Senior Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.

Even though the subject of abortion is a national issue, it's certainly having a Texas-sized impact here at home.

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