PLANO, Texas (KDAF) — Gaming has quickly become the most watched sport in the world. The downfall of the sport is that games are often played alone. With that, and a mission to bring fellow gamers together, Max Zeel created Farm + Feed.

Since its opening in November, gamers of all ages have visited the multi-room state-of-the-art space. Under a single roof, they have hundreds of consoles – from Xbox Ones and PlayStation 5s to PCs with GEFORCE RTX 3080 processors. Naturally, they have a wide selection of games from League of Legends and Mario Kart to NBA 2K and Madden games.

“We wanted to start with what we care about,” Zeel said. “Whether its the original World of Warcraft server and League of Legends server – all the memorabilia. We wanted to pay homage to the genre we love so much.”

It’s not just a space for gamers either.

Max Zeel, founder of Farm + Feed, and his team wanted to pay tribute to gaming with rare memorabilia like the original League of Legends processor shown above.

“We get a lot of families,” he said. “It’s neat seeing parents and kids and seeing how much fun they have together with simple games like Mario Kart.”

Gamers and foodies can come together at the bar area where the drinks and food is all handcrafted.

“We try to do three things – food, beverage and gaming really well,” Zeel said. “It’s a challenge but I think we have the greatest team in the world. With the drinks, the cherries we use, the bitters we use, it’s just elevated, the syrups – making them in house. It all goes together really well.”

CW33’s Landon Wexler got in the spirit of gaming and talks trash with Farm + Feed Founder Max Zeel.

To get a feel for gaming in the ideal spot with some of the most finder-friendly foods, Landon Wexler sat down with Zeel for a game of FIFA. See how that game goes in the video above.