This is why the White House wants to scrap social security numbers


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WASHINGTON D.C. — It was testify Tuesday for former Equifax CEO Richard Smith.

He’s “taking full responsibility” for Equifax’s epic data breach. It compromised social security numbers and other info for more than 145 million people.

“I will close by saying again how sorry I am for this breach,” Smith told Congress.

In the end, Smith says Equifax will step up cyber-security. He also announced a multi-million dollar deal with the IRS to help the tax folks prevent fraud.

Well, the White House has something else up their sleeve.

They want to scrap social security numbers altogether and have people use private keys, longer strings of codes, or digital DNA fingerprints.

“Whether you use a social security number a password, a bio-metric authentication– that still requires that the database on the other side have someway of authenticating that that’s really you,” an expert told Morning Dose.

Well , that’s a good point.

Won’t be long before some super geeky hacker figures how to hack fingerprints.

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