“This is not about taking people’s guns,” Alyssa Milano and other activists rally in Dallas for refined gun policies

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DALLAS- “This is not about taking people’s guns,” Alyssa Milano said before taking the stage at the No Rifle Association (NoRA) rally.

The message out at Belo Park seemed fairly consistent as the NoRA held a rally for more gun control policies.

“I do not think that it should be as easy to buy an AR-15 as it is to get a caramel macchiato at a Starbucks,” Milano said.

Big screen stars like  Milano and Frances Fisher joined other activists, and families affected by mass shootings to push for thorough background checks and keeping guns away from people with a history of violence.

“Today is the day of my prom and I’m not getting my nails done or my hair done. I’m here just begging people to listen so that I can not die,” said high school student Jacqueline Nguyen (@official.jac on IG). “Tonight is also the night of the Douglas High School prom and these are the four seniors who were shot down. They won’t be able to go to prom.”

There were a few hecklers that popped up throughout the program, but that was handled pretty quickly.

As the NRA convention wraps up tomorrow afternoon, this group says, they’re just getting started.

“I don’t know any other way than to use my platform than to try effect and impact positive change in the world,” Milano said.

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