Newly Discovered Frog Looks Just Like Kermit!

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COSTA RICA -  It' s been 81 years and even Google Earth can't find the Loch Ness monster! Sure, there are old sketchy snapshots of the legendary Nessie floating around.

There’s no real proof and it just might take us another 80- something years to find the mythical creature.

But believe it or not, researchers in Costa Rica have found Kermit the Frog!

Ok, it's not the Kermit, but the newly discovered frog species called, Hyalinobatrachium Dianae, does look strikingly similar. The bright lime green skin and big white bug eyes with dark lines just screams our favorite Muppet.

So, if you've ever thought finding Bigfoot or the Little Mermaid was impossible, think again!

Maybe Jim Henson knew something we didn't know? Hmmm...  no word from Kermit on the matter yet.

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