This Bill Would Make Guns as Hard to Access as Abortions

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO — After the San Bernardino massacre and multiple mass shootings across the country, there are lots of calls for changes in gun control laws.

Yeah, those don’t usually fly in Texas where folks like to be sure they can protect themselves and their loved ones. But in Missouri, maybe it’s another matter. A state lawmaker is comparing gun restrictions… to abortion laws.

State Rep. Stacey Newman of St. Louis wants gun buyers to face the same restrictions as a Missouri woman who wants to get an abortion.

House Bill 1397 would require a potential gun buyer to meet with a doctor at least 72 hours before buying the gun to discuss the risks, learn about alternatives to gun ownership — like nonviolent conflict resolution — and tour a hospital emergency room when gunshot victims are present.

Yeah, Missouri has some tough anti-abortion laws on the books, but will a tough gun control law pass in the “Show Me State?” Probably not, since Republicans control the legislature. But Newman’s idea sure has a lot of people talking.

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