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DALLAS (KDAF) — Who doesn’t love thrifting? If you’re in a tight pinch, chances are, you can find whatever you need at your local thrift store.

Some cities have better finds than others though, including many of Texas’ major metropolitan areas, that’s according to a new report from Lawn Love.

The report takes a look at which U.S. cities are the best and worst for thrifting with three of Texas’ major cities earning top marks. Houston (2nd), San Antonio (4th) and Austin (8th) all ranked in the top 10 best cities for thrifting.

Houston leads most of the country for having the highest number of available second-hand stores, ranking as the city with the most Habitat for Humanity stores in the nation, the second most thrift stores in the nation and the third most consignment stores in the nation.

North Texas’ very own Grand Prairie tied first with five other cities for having the least amount of Goodwill Outlet stores in the country.

For the full report, visit this report at Lawn Love.