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DALLAS — It’s hot as heck outside! So who in their right mind would walk around in cowboy boots?!

Well, if you can’t stand to shake your boots, here’s an alternative you might’ve seen making rounds on social media.

Nope! Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you nor is this some photoshopped picture.

“Whenever I first came up with the idea I was in Gulf Shores, Alabama,” explained Scott Franklin. “I saw a guy wearing cowboy boots and I thought to myself, ‘in the heat and humidity it’s silly’.”

Scott is the brains behind the boot craze, which started out as a joke between him and some friends.

“I took an old pair of my cowboy boots and a pocket knife and I started cutting them up.”

That’s when Redneck Boot-Sandals were born! Scott’s team of professional craftsmen will take your old or new pair of boots to give them the custom look.

“We do the flip-flop style which is the toe-piece in the middle and we also do the double strap design.”

Although Scott works from his hometown of Springfield, Missouri he says his best customers are right here in Texas!

“Texas being that cowboy ‘Lone Star’ state we get a lot of attention. Texas is #1. We sell to Texas more than any other state.”

Hey! Can you blame us? These are the kind of boots made for this Texas heat.