DALLAS (KDAF) — Less and less people are working from home nowadays as COVID-19 vaccines and treatments become more readily available to the general public.

Despite this, it’s always best to be cautious when touching surfaces around you as they may be harboring germs that could make you sick.

A new report from Reckitt’s Lysol Pro Solutions is looking at the top 10 germiest hotspots in a typical U.S. office. Reckitt’s Lysol Pro Solutions is a science-led business-to-business offering that helps businesses protect themselves against germs.

Here are the germiest places in the office according to their findings:

Elevator Buttons

Minimal close up of African-American businesswoman pressing elevator button, copy space

Coffee machine handles/buttons

Close up view of young woman making coffee with coffee machine during office break time.

Refrigerator door

Kitchen sink

The sink which was installed in the office

Vending machines

Close-up view of female hand pushing button of vending coffee machine. Food available around the clock. 24/7 store. Selective focus. Small business theme.

Door handles

Photograph of a modern styled nickel closet door lever

Keyboard and mouse

Male hand clicking computer mouse using desktop computer in furniture store. Interior material design simulation program for customer. Home improvement concept


close up employee man hand touching handset of telephone on desk for contact customer or receiving call , hotline concept

Shared printers

Woman standing and pressing button on a copy machine in the office

TV remote control

Manage home appliances, elements of a smart home with remote control, comfort for life. The control panel is in a female hand. Photo on a blue background

For the full report, click here.