There’s an App for That! Parkmobile Replacing PayByPhone on Dallas Parking Meters

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DALLAS — There was probably a little confusion in downtown Dallas Monday, and we’re not talking about Cowboys who didn’t run out of bounds!

Dallas is switching its mobile parking app, and it’s happening now!

“We’re going through and replacing the old stickers, putting our stickers up,” Parkmobile Director of Operations Brian Burleson told NewsFix Monday. “There’s a transition period where you can still use the PayByPhone app if the stickers are still up. Once those are down, the enforcement officers are only going to be looking at our service.”

PayByPhone beat out Parkmobile for the right to be Dallas’ parking app of choice in 2013. Now, the tables are turned as Parkmobile takes over in the Big D, following its placement in Fort Worth earlier this year.

For users who got used to seeing the green PayByPhone stickers on meters, no need to adjust your glasses. Parkmobile’s stickers are even more green and plan to save you some green in the process.

“People are pretty tired of carrying around a bunch of change or fumbling for change, or finding themselves in a position where they’re going to overstay their meter,” Burleson said. “They’re looking for a convenient way to pay for time and avoid a ticket.”

So how does it work?

“Simply download the Parkmobile app,” he said. “Every meter has its own unique sticker. That identifies the location.”

From there, you register your credit card on the app, punch in the meter location number and how long you want to stay, and you’re good to go.

It may be a minor inconvenience to download a new app, but let’s toss in a pinch of perspective. It’s a lot better than what we dealt with in Dallas all the way from 1935 until 2013. We’re talking about feeding that meter.

Of course, no app’s going to be able to solve the age-old struggle between backing in and pulling into that last open spot!

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