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DALLAS — What do you do when your heart is both sad and sick?

“She found herself on the rescue list because she was heartworm positive,” Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman said.

If you’re Gidget, you go full Peter Pan, think happy thoughts, and fly out of there!

“When we found Gidget at Dallas Animal Services, she was this three-year-old cute dog,” Edman said. “We were able to pull Gidget into our program and get her fixed up.”

Her smile always visible, Gidget soared through Dallas Pets Alive! foster life and found a new life and a new name!

“Gidget’s now named Peanut and is already Insta-famous with more than 1,000 followers,” Edman said.

“All of my friends were like, ‘You have the most photogenic dog in the world,'” Peanut’s adoptive mom, Maggie Cowling said. “She posts on her Instagram, and I kinda like to show her 1,000 followers that rescue dogs are just as good as any other dog.”

(Courtesy Instagram/Peanutthemutt1)

And Peanut’s proving she’s just as good and better! Not only is she a loving dog, she’s doing agility training.

“She just loves to jump, and she’s really in it for the treats I think,” Cowling laughed.

Cowling had no idea Peanut was such a pro when she first saw her.

(Courtesy Dallas Pets Alive!)

“I just saw her face and was like, ‘That is the dog for me.'” Cowling said. “Most importantly, there was a picture of her with a cowboy hat, and I was like, ‘Yes! I can dress her up!'”

“I try every day to give her the best life she can have, and she gives it back.”

After jumping hurdle after hurdle to find her new life, Peanut the mutt’s never going back.

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