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October 21 2021 07:00 pm

The Ugly Truth: Why looks really ARE everything

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DALLAS — Know the saying, “looks aren’t everything?” Well, a new study says that’s not exactly true.

Well, at least for women. Research suggests if you’re a woman with a witty personality but “average looks,” your looks will pretty much keep your status as “single.”

However, it doesn’t work that way for men.

According to the study out of Abertay University, if you’re an average looking man with a witty and creative personality, you still score high on the “attractive” scale… and you’re considered by women equal to a man who is handsome but not creative.

This is contrary to women who are less physically attractive. They, sadly, don’t hold a candle to women who are “good looking” — regardless of how creative they are.

The lead researcher says he believes creativity is a sign of intelligence, and women are very picky when it comes to choosing a partner because they want to pass down “good” traits to their kids.

So, who actually has the power to define what a “good looking” woman looks like, and since when do we wait for a man to give us that confirmation?

Despite what the study says, be yourselves ladies and the right guy will see both your beauty and creativity. No research needed.

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