The Truth About Columbus Day

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Today is Columbus Day, but how much do Americans really know about this explorer? Let’s find out as we take to the Dallas streets and play ‘Columbus Daze.’

Okay, let’s start with an easy one. What year did Columbus discover America? Was it 1401, 1492, or 1942? Correct Answer: 1492

You probably learned that one as kid. Here’s a harder one. One of his goals was to convert the inhabitants. Was he hoping they’d become: ‘A’ Buddhists, ‘B’ Catholics, or ‘C’ Nihilists? Correct answer: Catholics. In fact, it was intense lobbying by the Knights of Columbus that finally persuaded President Roosevelt to declare Columbus Day a national holiday in 1937.

Let’s try another. Several US states have replaced Columbus Day with an alternative holiday. Is it: Berkeley’s Indigenous Peoples Day, Native American Day, or Dia de la Raza? Sorry, that was a trick question; it’s actually “all of the above.” Some people aren’t too happy with Columbus’ adventures and say he spread diseases, brought back slaves, and created war.

Okay, final question. Why did Columbus call the natives “Indians?” Columbus thought he was in the Indies, thus the term ‘Indians.’ Turns out he didn’t know where the heck he was.

Well, happy Columbus Day everyone, and let’s hear it for our contestants who each did well enough to earn our Grand Prize, an official NewsFix T-shirt. Wear it with pride…you’ve earned it!

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