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When it comes to careers, more and more young people are opting for jobs outside of the norm.

Millennials especially, are choosing to forgo the traditional 9-5.

They’re mixing it up when it comes to traditional career paths and Will Ammons and Skyler Grey are no exception.

“We started off as three SMU students and after graduation we were looking for the next thing and we were kind of running parallel ventures and ice cream was the first one to hit” says Will.

The graduates, along with their partners, are launching Baldo’s Ice Cream in Dallas, featuring flavors as non-traditional as their career paths.

“I think millennials especially understand work-life balance and we’re only here for a short period of time so what are you going to do with this one crazy life. For us it was you have the option of a traditional career path, but you also have the non-traditional path.”

Skyler agrees, entrepreneurship was just the right fit.

He says “For Will and I especially and our other partner Tyler this was the right path for us. It’s fun and exciting. Every day it’s something new and that’s what keeps us young.”

And much like their work philosophy Baldo’s will feature anything but vanilla.

“Vanilla is traditional. It’s bland. It’s boring and we’re here to kind of shake things up” says Will.

According to an Allstate poll, 57% of younger Americans are choosing to do work they find enjoyable and influential in society, while 64% of older Americans prioritized simply making money their as their sole goal.

And ahead of the launch of their new scoop shop, the Baldo’s team has many emotions.

“It’s going to be a reality check, but we’re excited. We’re nervous, but we think it’s going to work out.”


“I think the highs and lows of an entrepreneur are a lot bigger than a traditional career path. We have really high highs and really low lows. Our goal is to just bounce ideas of each other and keep us humble when we’re on a high. It’s not for everyone and that’s okay.”

Baldo’s opens soon in Dallas near their founder’s alma mater, SMU and it’s not all about ice cream. They will be serving coffee, pastries, brunch and even beer and wine. Visit for sweet info!