The Right Way: 9-Year-Old Accidently Shoots Instructor

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A day at an Arizona gun range turned deadly after a nine-year-old girl, learning to shoot an Uzi, a full automatic gun, accidentally shot her instructor.

In this YouTube video you see the instructor, Charles Vacca, standing next to the girl before the recoil sent the gun upwards, sending a bullet into his head.

No doubt this incident will spark plenty of discussion in the battle over gun control.

We spoke to gun experts from the Women Outdoors Worldwide organization about teaching kids gun safety. When teaching kids, they say a slow approach is a smart one.

“We start at nine, but we start with BBs and shot guns,” said Judy Rhodes, founder of DIVA WOW.

“We start them out very closely supervised and we have certified instructors that are out there and they teach the safety rules first before the child`s even allowed to hold the gun,” said Marietta Johnson, Lead Director of DIVA WOW.

Rules that might have prevented an incident like the one in Arizona.

‘I think it`s irresponsible to put a full automatic in the hands of a child. At 9 years old they are too young to be firing that big of a gun,’ said Johnson.

According to the Mohave County Sheriff`s Department, no citations will be issued since the shooting range was a licensed and legal operation.

Although you gotta wonder if giving a kid an Uzi should ever be legal?

Hey folks, before your toddlers take aim at a target, make sure they know the basics

“You can`t ever be too careful,” said Rhodes.

This terrible tragedy shows getting behind the barrel can be as deadly as getting behind the wheel, would you let your nine year old drive a hummer?

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