The Real Thing? Website claims to know the real meaning of “covfefe”

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President Trump usually lets us know what's on his mind using his Twitter page.

Well, he piqued a lot of curiosity recently with this tweet: "Despite the constant negative press 'covfefe.'"

Yeah, the prez even made a game out of it, tweeting later, "Who can figure out the true meaning of 'covfefe' ??? enjoy!"

Well, along comes the "Washington Evening," with the answer. "Trump is a genius," the headline says.

They use what they say is a translation from Google that indicates the term is Arabic for "I will stand up."

We put it in Google translate ourselves, even with the space and the apostrophe just like they did, and it came back with "Sawf faqaf." We don't even know what that means. We plugged it back into Google translate, which seems to think it's Arabic, but it still doesn't come back with an English translation.

Well, we're not experts on Arabic, but we bet the folks at the American Arab Anti-discrimination Committee know a little more than we do.

They tweeted, "We can unequivocally say... covfefe is *not* an arabic word."

So what is covfefe?At this point, we can only guess it's truly a typo. But we know it's not Arabic!

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