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If you wanna get people worked up, talk about messing with their Social Security.

It comes up in political campaigns every few years, like in the one involving Florida Governor Rick Scott, who’s running for the U.S. Senate.

“Yes, Rick Scott does want to destroy Social Security,” the headline on social media reads.

It comes from a site called “Social Security Works,” and they claim the author is Bowser from Sha-Na-Na.

But the site itself is kind of questionable. It was just created earlier this year. And all of its registration info is “redacted for privacy.”

Linda Benesch, Communications Director for Social Security Works, wrote to NewsFix after this story was posted.

” I wanted to assure you that the SocialSecurity.News site is legit,” she wrote. “Our main site is at but we recently created that one as a place to put columns/blog posts from our staff.”

“Jon ‘Bowzer’ Bauman of Sha Na Na fame being the author of the piece is also legit, ” Benesch continued. “He is the president of our PAC….”

So what does Rick Scott really think?

Well, a Scott spokesperson is quoted as saying “Washington must change the way it operates, and that includes making sure it isn`t spending more money than it takes in – but it shouldn`t be done on the backs of the Social Security system that so many seniors rely on.”

Scott has hinted that he likes the idea of *privatization.” That’s controversial, but it doesn’t mean he intends to *destroy* the program.

Benesch, of Social Security Works, also told NewsFix, “He (Bauman), and our organization, strongly believe that privatizing Social Security is the same thing as destroying it.”

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