The Real Thing? Are these water slides real?

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This one's got us stumped.

A guy shoots out of a water slide, reportedly in Jamaica, skims across the water, and when he gets to the other side he stands up and walks off.
pretty impressive.

One thing that's confusing is his shirt. It's on here as he glides across the water. But when he actually stands up, it looks like he's putting it on. Maybe the rush of water pushed it over his head.

So is it real? We really don't know.

But here's another water slide that got people talking.

"Elevation Church debuts water slide baptismal," the headline reads.

The story in the Babylon Bee says the church in Charlotte, North Carolina, decided to speed up Baptism Sunday by sending believers down the water slide. They even play "Waterfalls" by TLC during the baptisms, the story says.

Some preachers are looking for anything to keep their congregations alert.

Okay, there really is an Elevation Church in Charlotte.

But they don't have a water slide.

Oh, and there really is a Babylon Bee. It identifies itself as "Your Trusted Source for Christian News Satire."
In other words, it's not the real thing and doesn't even pretend to be.

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