The Producers Guild of America will meet on Saturday to decide Harvey Weinstein’s fate

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Will Hollywood finally give the disgraced movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, the boot  after dozens of sexual harassment allegations?

We could soon find out.

The Academy of Motion Pictures  and the Producer’s Guild of America will hold  separate emergency meetings on Saturday to determine Weinstein’s fate.

The Weinstein Company dropped him earlier this week, but according to a new TMZ report,  they might have violated his contract when they fired him.

TMZ got a hold of Weinstein’s 2015 contract, which says the company will fine him up to a million dollars for misconduct, including sexual harassment.

The only thing he can be fired over is material fraud against the company, which is not the case here.

And while Charmed actress Rose McGowan’s Twitter account is up and running again, women from all over the world are boycotting the social media outlet for suspending her  account in the first place.

Many believe it was over allegations she made against the movie producer, but Twitter said it was over a post that included a private phone number.

Many well-known stars joined the 24-hour movement, like actress Kerry Washington and model Chrissy Teigen.

Other women disagreed and said  silence is not the answer.

Hollywood is currently far from silent.  More sexual harassment allegations are coming out against some of its biggest names.

Former playboy model Carrie Stevens said on Thursday that she was sexually harassed in the past by director Oliver Stone.

A day later, actress Patricia Arquette took to Twitter to share an uncomfortable experience she had with the director.

The head of Amazon Studios, Roy Price, is also under fire and has been put on a leave of absence after a producer accused him of harassment during “The Man in the High Castle” series.

While it’s sad to learn of such things happening, it’s good to see courageous women coming forward.

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