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AUSTIN — You want your kids to be proud of their school, right?

Well, kids at an elementary school in Austin were proud.  But that was before the backlash over the rebel flag. Now, it’s not so politically correct to have a school named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee. So, the Austin school district is trying to come up with a new name, but check out the ideas coming in.

How about,  “Adolf Hitler School For Friendship and Tolerance?” Maybe sarcasm is a subject at this school.

But, the top nominee right now is Donald J. Trump Elementary. Guess it’ll be the GREATEST school ever! It’ll be YUGE!

Other names in the running include SchoolyMcSchoolerson and Kanye West Elementary.

We’d like to be flies on the wall at the next PTA meeting!

Although most of the suggestions are pretty bad (okay, terrible), the list does include a hometown hero NFL quarterback Drew Brees, whose Dream Foundation helps kids and families dealing with cancer.

Even though the board has asked the community for their bright ideas, school officials will have the final say on the new name. Whew!

Let’s just hope they pick something suitable for an elementary school and not try to “Keep Austin Weird.”