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With Christmas one week away – many of us are finishing up our shopping scrambling to find the hottest gifts for our loved ones! One gift high on the list this year? The ‘jailbroken’ Amazon Fire Stick.

But jailbroken doesn`t really mean what it sounds like! Many YouTube videos talk about the addition of other apps on the fire stick that make it possible to stream movies not even available to rent yet.

One of the most popular applications originally designed for XBOX is called Kodi and many use it to stream movies in this instance.

In a statement officials with Kodi say:

“We are tired of these salesmen lying to users, claiming that pirate streams and pirate boxes are `legal` when they are absolutely not at some level or other. We are tired of being told by companies that they don`t want to work with us, because we are selling pirate boxes.’

So that begs the question – is downloading those apps and selling the device legal? Can you get in trouble for streaming those ‘free’ movies?

According to FindLaw – sort of.

In general – streaming movies without downloading is not illegal but uploading, downloading or broadcasting content to a large group is illegal.

Now that doesn`t mean you can`t get dinged for accidentally downloading something or getting caught through your internet provider.

So – there you have it: there`s definitely a grey area. Watch at your own risk!