The Hum: A Strange Sound Heard Around The World

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The Hum. It’s a strange, low-frequency vibration or noise that has been reported by individuals and entire towns, for over 30 years. The Hum has been described as sounding like a diesel engine idling or a distant buzz in the air. Incidents of the strange noise have been reported as early as the 1970's in Britain, dubbed The Bristol Hum.

This phenomenon has become an international news story with reports of it in Taos, New Mexico, Auckland, New Zealand and now the reemergence of it in Windsor, Ontario, where the sound was first heard by residents in 2012.

The Hum has been said to keep people awake at night, make animals restless, and can be heard even better indoors. Theories for the cause of it range from power stations, industrial complexes, and military communications to more mystifying signs that the end of the world is near.

Aliens have also been blamed.

Visitors to can view a worldwide "Hum Map" or even enter locations of an apparent hum for inclusion in the database.

There is no positive cause of the hum, but it is a phenomenon so well documented that there is no denying its impact on people the world over.

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