The Hollywood Reporter Under Fire for All-White Cover

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LOS ANGELES — Another day, another magazine cover, another controversy. This time, it’s The Hollywood Reporter. Take a look at their latest roundtable cover. Notice anything?

hollywood reporter cover
The Hollywood Reporter’s controversial cover.

Well all, eight actresses on it — including Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, and Jane Fonda — are white. If you didn’t recognize it at first, thousands of other people did. And they’re call the magazine out on it.

Surprisingly enough, THR’S article “tastefully” headlined, “Why Every Actress on The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable Cover is White” explains, “As we prepared for this cover, we discovered precisely zero actresses of color in the Oscar conversation.”

Ummmm, okay.

And it’s that very explanation that has folks lashing out the monochromatic magazine cover.

Now, even beyond the white and black, where’s the representation of Latino actors, Asian actors, and so on? It’s 2015, for Pete’s sake!

Here’s hoping the criticism will cause the magazine to begin to think outside of the box, and inside of the color wheel.

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