The healthiest and worst ways to cook a turkey

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Everyone has their own special way of preparing a Thanksgiving turkey, but not all cooking methods are created equal. Some are much healthier than others.

The Huffington Post and Oprah teamed up to show you all the ways to cook up a bird, and how healthy, or unhealthy they are.

It’s no surprise that frying a turkey is the most unhealthy.  You’re dunking the thing in oil, and infusing it in every area of the bird.  Plus the skin is ultra crispy and delicious, making it hard to pass up. Even if its not fried, turkey skin has tons of saturated fat in it.

But what if you’re smoking your turkey? There are no calories added in the smoke, but there are carcinogenic compounds. Unless you’re eating smoked meat everyday, it’s not something to worry about.

If you’re a sucker for a turducken, be mindful of how much you eat.  People end up eating bigger portions because they want to get a piece of every kind of meat.  Plus, the layers of stuffing added aren’t always kind to your waistline.

If you’re considering just roasting your bird to go the healthier route, you might want skip the brine.  Brining adds more salt to the turkey.

The healthiest way to cook up a big ole turkey is roasting it without butter under the skin or brining it beforehand. Cook it in it’s own juices and trim off the skin, which cuts down on the fat content. And that’s how you can have about the healthiest turkey around this Thanksgiving.

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