National Day of Protest

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DALLAS – It was a National Day of Protest.

Anti-immigration activists held rallies across the DFW area on Friday, protesting Dallas County’s plan to house 2,000 undocumented children from south of the border.

Despite the opposition, plans are underway to prepare for these children. A federal assessment team showed up to inspect the Lamar Alternative School in Grand Prairie to see if the empty building is a fit location to temporarily house the children.

It comes a day after concerned residents packed a Grand Prairie School community meeting.

“They’re coming here with H1N1 and lice. They’re coming here with scabies. I’m standing here before you because I have serious health problems. You think you can cut me a check for my healthcare? I don’t think you can do that, right,” Grand Prairie resident Sherri Bishop stated.

Others just want to help out the unfortunate.


The school board says it will take two to three weeks before they vote on the matter. Their decision will be based on whether the federal inspection team actually gives the thumbs up to the housing location.

While the nationwide debate continues, thousands of kids will remain in legal limbo.

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