The good and bad of ‘breaking’ the internet

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These days there are ways to break the internet and then there are ways to break the internet. Take this cute old couple for example:

They became an internet sensation when weekly pictures of the love birds dining at In -N-Out Burger went viral. It was their granddaughters idea to post them on Twitter before gaining thousands of hits.

Do you remember ‘Sad Paw-Paw‘?

The elderly guy who was cheered up by the internet after this pic of him eating alone made us all shed a thug tear or two.

They all broke the internet in a good way. But , then there’s the other way to break it.

Like one London real estate company who’s catching heat for what some think is a ‘sexist’ ad.

We’ve all witnessed other companies here in the states go wrong in the advertising department and Twitter is always there to call’em out. Bottom line: It’s when breaking the internet goes broke for real!

Uh … if you thought we’re going to school you on how to break the internet like Kim K… well…  you already know what you have to do for that!

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