The Flash S04 E19: Siren X crashes the party, and Marlize and Clifford need marriage counseling

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Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

The fallout from Fallout’s transport is an unpredictable moment for the Thinker! Which brings me to this weeks' Flashpoints

Siren’s Song

With Caitlyn's powers on ice, who else can the Flash squad turn to keep a chill on Fallout should his containment suit go awry?

None other than Leo Snart! Earth X's answer to Captain Cold, Citizen Cold.

When Cisco and Flash vibe to Earth X to grab Cold he's amid a battle with Earth X's Laurel Lance the deadly Siren X. And Siren X has more than sonic powers - she can use them like sonar to track people and hear conversations. She slips into our Earth one right as Cold, Flash and Cisco are vibing away.

Siren X provides quite the chaotic moment when Clifford appears during the transport of Fallout taking down Clifford and the Flash Squad to ultimately kidnap Fallout, Caitlyn and Joe.

All concluding in an awesome fight sequence at CCPD. He's got a got cold gun. She's got a cold gun. She's got a canary cry. He's a speedster. And Fallout nearly blowed up. It really feels like all the super shows have turn up the special effects. And I'm loving it. Spoilers: they save the day.


Alright! There's a moment during the transport heist where Barry pauses. His sadness over the death of Ralph results in him unable to battle Clifford. And this was something Clifford didn't predict.

Marlize summarizes later that for all his intellect he cannot account for how someone feels. It's particularly poignant considering how he's manipulating Marlize without any regard for her love of him. Can this play into Devoe’s defeat?

I don't exactly see how Flash Squad can use the emotional component to win. Ha! At the end they're just going to hug the villainy out of Clifford. Oh come you bad, bad boy.

Side note: Clifford tells Marlize he predicted both Citizen Cold and Siren X. Oh come Clifford. Now you're just lying because it sure seemed like Siren X surprised you then sent you packing back to your little pocket lair.

Women on the Verge

A little scienceing from Caitlyn shows that despite the melting pot swipe of her Killer persona, she still has "cryogenic anomalies" in her DNA. Which is code for Killer Frost is in there somewhere if Caitlyn truly believes!

But it's Marlize that may be the real hero of the season.

We already know that Devoe was using Weeper tears and Dominques telepathy to keep Marlize under his control. With Ralph's new body however, Clifford is able to revert to his old Clifford self giving Marlize hope to their love.

However, it turns quickly turns abusive and upsettingly manipulative as Clifford is only focused on "the plan" and rejects Marlize. Your role is to be my technician. It was my prediction that Marlize might be Clifford’s undoing and the final moment tear from Marlize may have proven that

With Devoe at near full of dark matter metas, his plan for his doomsday enlighten device only needs tech to build sending Devoe around Central City for the pieces.

Plus Gypsy guest stars in an all new Flash "Therefore she is!"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales

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