The fire you saw at DFW airport had all of the flames, none of the danger, as fire fighters train for emergency

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DFW AIRPORT-- The old adage is, where there is smoke there’s fire.

Well, for many folks who drive by DFW airport, the sight of smoke sets off alarms.

“When we started all of our training back in 2013 we were burning a lot more often. We were getting a lot of concerned calls from around the airport,” said Assistant Fire Chief Randal Rhodes with DFW Airport.

Even now, many take to social media to ask what's going down at DFW, with all the smoke.

What is going down is a world renowned training program for fire fighters that preps for an airline emergency.

“Today’s scenario was based on an aircraft, an A-380, which is a big large wide body aircraft and it has a massive fuel spill,” Rhodes said.

The A-380 is one of the largest passenger planes that lands at DFW, and if an emergency were to arise the folks at the airport are ready.

Firefighters battle the blaze that can reach to about 2,000 degrees.  Through simulation and advances in technology, this training is invaluable.

“Knowing the information based on exploring this airplane we can look at things like flight control surfaces, rudders, steering, nose gear, and anticipate worse case scenarios for the plane before it lands.”

Folks with DFW airport say you can find out online when they are doing the training.

So the next time you see smoke coming from the airport you wont get burned.

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