The Face Says It All: Yale Investigates Dogs’ Intelligence

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NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT--We know dogs are smart.

Some can raid the fridge--even opening the door. Some pay attention to television. One can even teach a baby how to jump.

But how much do they know about us?

Researchers at Yale are trying to find out, with tests like one where a dog watches while a person reads a book, then puts the book down on the floor behind her chair. Then someone sneaks in and takes the book!

"What we really want to see is whether or not dogs know when we've missed some information do they realize that, first of all, and when they do realize it are they motivated to help," said Laurie Santos of the Yale University Canine Cognition Center.
Over and over again, the dogs know something is wrong--and try to tell the person.

In another test, the researcher points out some new item. Would the dog get interested? The answer was yes.

But really, we dog lovers didn't need an Ivy League study to tell us that!

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