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Former USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser is back in court and he’s hearing from more victims.

“I can tell you how it wreaked havoc on my relationship with my parents. I pushed my mother away and also (inaudible). My urgency here today though is to address what allowed an atrocity of this scale to occur.

This time he’s pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal sexual conduct. The accusations come from an elite Michigan club run by an Olympic coach.

The Michigan Attorney General’s office says close to 65 victims are expected to speak out over three days about how Nasser sexually abused them.

“A pedophile cannot flourish in the way Larry did in an environment that is not conducive to his behavior. He was prolific because surrounding authorities allowed him to be.”

This will be Nasser’s third criminal sentencing in the past few months. He’s already been sentenced to more than 200 years in prison.

And Amid all the chaos, the USA gymnastics board of directors has called it quits. In a statement, USA Gymnastics said:

There are changes at Michigan state university, too.

Last week, the school’s president resigned over the Nasser’s abuse of female athletes there. Now they have a new president but he’s just a temp.

The board of trustees named former governor John Engler as interim president. Engler’s an MSU alum who was the state’s governor from 1991 to 2003.

But some MSU students are unhappy they didn’t have more input on the selection.