Texting 911 is becoming more and more popular in DFW

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CARROLLTON — You`re taught at a young age to call 9-1-1 if you`re in an emergency. But as the gadgets and technology evolves, and texting becomes more popular, why wouldn`t you be able to text 911?

“First, message to 911 we`re looking for location and the nature of the emergency,” says DENCO Area 911 District Executive Director, Mark Payne. “Keep your messages short because if they get too long they can start breaking up the messages.”

Yup, you heard right, those are some 911 texting tips for ya! The service is available in all of Denton County and some of Collin County, and already people are finding it useful.

Just last week a DFW woman texted 911 after being shot and kidnapped in an RV.

In the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, police say that many victims were texting 911.

While it`s becoming more of an option, Payne says it shouldn`t be the first option.

“Call when you can, text when you can`t. The primary reason is the call taker can hear both the voice, the state of the caller, they can learn a lot from that. They can hear background noises.”

While many adults may want kids to ease up on the texting, looks like just this once, it`s probably okay.

P.S. – Payne says to look out for video, picture, and group texting capabilities in the future.

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