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1) You’ve worn a coat, rainboots and shorts — all in the same darn day!

texas weather


2) You freak out when it’s cold or rains…


3) …then you complain about it being too hot!

too hot


4) Real Texans say — Y’ALL



5) You’re not a true Texan if you don’t love some finger lickin’ good BBQ, baby!



6) Love or hate ’em, but Texans know all eyes are always on Dem Boys! #GoCowboys

dez bryant


 7) If you live for Friday Night Lights — High. School. Football. Rules.

high school football


8) If you had a ridiculously crazy big Homecoming mum


9) If you’re ready to get your clap on when you hear the intro music to “Deep in the Heart of Texas…”


10) You may not be packing heat, but you sure the heck know how to use your trigger finger.



11) If it’s no big deal to see horses around town… #GiddyUp!

horses drive thru


12) You call EVERY soda a Coke, even though you most likely mean a Dr. Pepper.

forrest gump


13) You bleed Blue Bell!


14) You don’t pronounce the “g” at the end of words

texas twang


15) If you know about those 3 a.m. Whataburger runs — especially after hittin’ up the club


16) If you know who the Texas Hammer is…. 


17) You love tricked out pick-up trucks

texas meme


18) You live for the State Fair of Texas…! #BigTexForPresident

big tex1


19) You love ANYTHING Texas-shaped


20) If you remember the Alamo…


21) If you know Houston hates on Dallas, calling the Big D snobby…



22) …but Dallasites could care less about H-town.

rolling eyes


23) A roadtrip down 35 means kolaches at Czech Stop! #nomnom


24) But after battling ridiculous traffic on 35 — you need a freakin’ drink!



25) If you’ve ever eaten Twang pickle salt out of the palm of your hand… #MemoriesLikeTheCornersOfMyMind


26) Holiday season in Texas = tamales!

tamales meme


27) If you know Spring means cars lined up on the side of the highway for bluebonnet pictures!


28) You know the First Lady of Texas music is…



29) But we all know the true Queen of Texas is Selena…. #RIP


30) Bottomline, you know Texas is not to be messed with…

texas dog


31) But don’t let the extreme Texas Pride fool ya…


32) …we’re still a sane, friendly bunch…

Grego and Yolonda
CW33’s Grego & Yolonda


33) …Just don’t try us.