DALLAS (KDAF) — Red Bull Batalla was a hit at the Southside Ballroom last weekend with a Dallas rapper solidifying his name in the rap scene in DFW.

Juan Agustin Alejo Esquivel Gonzalez, known as Zazo Wan placed second as a finalist in the largest Spanish-language rap battle at the 2023 Red Bull Batalla USA National Final.

Gonzalez’s talent has been recognized before after he won Red Bull’s Último Puesto: Clasificatoria Nacional. Originally from Argentina, Zazo Wan is considered a “hometown” competitor, as he resides right down the road in Arlington, TX.

Oscar Lozada / Red Bull Content Pool

According to Zazo, he first got into the freestyle scene in Argentina with the goal of educating others about the hip-hop scene and finding ways to give back to the culture. His main goal is the continue to make music anyway he can.

There were 16 battles with the final bracket being between MC’s Zazo Wan and Reverse. Each battle amazing in its own way. The event was live-streamed and can still be watched via YouTube here.