DALLAS (KDAF) — Is it still called internet ‘beef’ when it’s between two chicken places? We don’t know, but what we do know is that Wingstop’s social media handler is serving up bold takes.

In this new age of digital marketing, consumers are now seeing brands take shots at their competitors on social media platforms. The newest beef is between Wingstop and Popeyes.

Wingstop recently joined the chicken sandwich war, a feud mainly dominated by Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes (and maybe Burger King). Despite being late to the game, Wingstop has found great success, selling out of their new chicken sandwiches nationwide.

It seems as though the fame has made Wingstop confident. On Sept. 26, the chain took shots at Popeyes calling their chicken sandwiches “more dry than them biscuits.”

The tweet has more than 180,000 likes and more than 19,000 retweets.

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