DALLAS (KDAF) — When looking for the best, normally doing it on your own you’ll have to make your way through the rest to find the one to put on the pedestal, especially when it comes to the best of any food category.

Today, we’re talking pasta, and arguably everyone’s favorite food at any time of the year can be found from price points low to ultra-high. If you’re into linguine Wednesday, Sept. 15 was made for you as it is National Linguine Day!

NationalToday explains, “For pasta lovers who also deal with the harsh symptoms of heartburn, linguine and its typical dishes are a godsend. Replacing tomato-based sauces and red meat with white wine, cream, garlic, or pesto sauces means you can eat heartily, but spare the heart.”

So, Eat This, Not That! put out a report earlier in the year of the best pasta dish in every state across the country and Texas’ pick is nothing short of spectacular. Enter in, Houston’s Paulie’s with its Canestri alla Fungi.

The report touted, “Tossed with crimini and shiitake mushrooms, garlic, sage, and folded into rich marsala cream, our stomachs are grumbling just talking about this entree. One word of warning—the size of this dish is said to be enough to “feed an army.” Come hungry or leave with ample leftovers!”

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