DALLAS (KDAF) — Whenever you think of the best smell in Texas, what do you smell? Is it tortillas, a football field, barbecued meats, or the wide open fields? Whatever it is, just know that it’s got to be the biggest smell there is because everything is bigger in Texas.

There’s truly no better time to talk about candles and smells as Saturday, December 3 is Candle Day! “You’ve got your candles and placed them strategically (and safely) around your home. Now’s the time to light them up and inhale the smell of sweet tranquility,” National Today said.

While you’re conjuring up what Texas might smell like, we checked out a report from Shane Co. on the most popular candle scent in every state across the country.

“Did you know that wick candles originally burned a kind of animal fat called tallow instead of wax? Unlike wax candles, tallow candles produced a lot of smoke and a foul, acrid odor. Lucky for us, modern wax candles not only burn cleanly, but they also provide a wide array of pleasant scents that buyers get to choose from,” the report said.

For the state of Texas and along with New York the top candle was Gardenia. Elsewhere across the country, the top pick is Pumpkin which was closely followed by vanilla with other popular candles being lavender, lemon and rose.

According to Britannica, Gardenia is a fragrant species of plant sold by florists and grown as an ornamental, “Gardenias have glossy evergreen leaves that usually are arranged oppositely or in whorls. The tubular flowers are white or yellow and are borne singly or in small clusters; the flowers are often strongly scented. The large berrylike fruits contain a sticky orange pulp.”