DALLAS (KDAF) — Folks we’ve made it one week into September and it seems that the summer season is coming to a halt fairly quickly as the fall season is eager to get underway.

Wednesday, Sept. 7 is Texas Energy Savings Day, but what does that mean? Basically, this day is a reminder or wake-up call for Texans to stay on top of their energy contracts and get a leg-up on understanding their bill to help reduce how much they’re paying.

NationalToday says, “Texas Energy Savings Day is celebrated on September 7. The majority of Texans are overpaying for their electricity, and with so many complicated plans and bills, many Texans don’t even realize it.”

Here’s a look at the Texas Energy Savings Day Timeline from NationalToday:

  • 1999: The bill is signed, “Electricity deregulation in Texas is signed into law under Texas Senate Bill 7.”
  • 2002: Texas deregulation, “Electricity deregulation in Texas goes into effect, officially ending the state’s regulation and control of the electricity supply.”
  • Feb. 2021: The winter storm, “The winter storm leaves millions of Texans without electricity for a full week after the state’s electric grid operator lost control of the power supply.”
  • 2021: Texas Energy Savings Day is established, “Texas Energy Savings Day is celebrated for the first time on September 7 to help Texans who might be paying high rates on their electricity and not taking advantage of fixed plans that deliver renewable energy.”

So, here’s what you need to know about ways to celebrate this holiday. First, you need to sign up and save, educate yourself and take steps around the house to save power. To check out more about celebrating and information about this day, click here.