DALLAS (KDAF) — Have you ever wondered what the most popular soda in the state of Texas is? You’re probably guessing it’s Dr. Pepper…

Well, you’d be right but there is also another soda that is vying for the top spot in the tastebuds and hearts of Texans. We checked out a report from Soda Pop Craft on the most popular soda in Texas and it cites Texans’ pride in its love of DP.

“Dr. Pepper is the most popular soda in Texas. It has been a popular drink for over 100 years and was originally only sold in Texas. Their first flavor is still the most popular, and an additional 22 flavors are available today. Dr. Pepper is also called A Waco, referring to its birthplace of Waco, Texas,” the report said.

But there is another soda out there that is up for grabs as Texas’ favorite, and that is Big Red. The report says that this soda was originally only marketed/sold in Texas and Louisville, Kentucky for a time.

“Currently, you can find Big Red in Texas, central and south Texas, San Antonio, Indiana, North Carolina, and Kentucky,” the report said.