DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s a great day to be alive as wherever you’re traveling around the state of Texas good food can be had all the way from food trucks to drive-thrus, to fast-casual spots and sit-down restaurants.

However, you don’t always have time for sit-downs and whatnot, so, drive-thrus and fast-food restaurants are important to your success in life. What are the best or rather, top-rated fast food chains in the big cities around Texas?

Saving Spot released a report looking to answer this very question and some might come as a surprise, but some won’t.

One thing is for sure and that’s Texans are obsessed with chicken it seems, as Chick-Fil-A was the top-picked fast food chain in San Antonio, Austin, Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and El Paso.

The bottom-rated spots do vary across the Lone Star State though, San Antonio seems to hate Burger King, while Papa Johns is on the bottom of the totem pole in Dallas and Austin, Domino’s doing the same thing in Arlington, Fort Worth, and Houston, while KFC is frowned upon in El Paso.

Saving Spot – CashNetUSA

The report says, “When you’re pressed for time, it’s tough to make the call between a quick, satisfying meal and something more meaningful and healthy. But setting aside a couple of hours each week to prep healthy meals for the days ahead can help you save time, watch the pennies and develop a love affair with the valuable ingredients that underlie the healthiest recipes.”