PRESIDIO COUNTY, Texas (ABC Big 2/Fox 24) – You have probably already seen it. A West Texas attorney turned into a cat during a Zoom call.

“I think it took off like that, because everybody can sort of empathize with it,” said Presidio County Attorney, Rod Ponton. “You know, everybody has struggled with technology as we tried to keep going with our lives, and our businesses, and families in these last few stressful months.”

Ponton says he panicked during his perfectly-timed mishap on a virtual court hearing Tuesday. The clip was originally shared on YouTube by District Judge Roy Ferguson. Within 24 hours, it took social media by storm.

“I don’t know how, I don’t know why,” said Ponton. “I’m trying to be a lawyer, and present myself professionally in court. And the cat was rolling its eyes and doing everything except being professional in court. It was sort of expressing my anxiety that I was having trying to get rid of the cat!”

The hysterical moment was fortunately solved with the help of Ponton’s assistant. He says he is glad it provided comic relief in a time so desperately needed.

“We have a saying in Texas. ‘You can’t put toothpaste back in the tube.’ The fact that it happened to me — I’ll just laugh about it. I hope everybody can have a lighthearted moment and realize that life can go on.”