DALLAS (KDAF) —As the old saying goes, good things never happen twice, but that’s not the case, since two people in Texas won the lottery.

The Texas Lottery reports two people winning $25,000 for the Cash Five#CashFive #TexasLottery. One ticket was sold in Port Arthur, while the other was sold in Austin. Both winners received $25,000 for their winning tickets sold in Port Arthur and Austin.

Their tickets matched all five of the winning numbers from the Friday, March 31 drawing to notch the top prize; those numbers were 4, 10, 12, 14, and 20.

The ticket sold in Port Arthur was sold at the Fisco Convenience Store on 2539 Jefferson Drive; the ticket was a Quick Pick. The ticket sold in Austin was at 7817 Rockwood Lane Suite 101B; The ticket was not a Quick Pick.