WACO, TX (FOX 44) – NFL preseason is well underway with fans rooting on their favorite teams on the field.

For everyone waiting for touchdowns, tailgating is a necessity for the full experience.

One food many of us enjoy eating during football games is chicken wings.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the price index for chicken wings has dropped to levels not seen since 2018.

For the Jubilee Food Market in Waco, they’re ready to provide tailgating essentials on a budget.

“We’ve gotten a lot of new products and a lot of summer specials, a lot of game based specials like right here,” said Tyson Shelton, Jubilee Food Market general manager. “We’ve got our tacos put up, we’ve made sure to keep the pricing affordable on certain key items such as meats, steaks, barbecue products, spices, etc.”

It’s a casual day inside Jubilee Food Market as sports fans get ready to watch their favorite team.

“We like to eat chips and salsa, that’s our favorite thing to eat,” said Lidia Burkhart.

From chicken wings, to chips and salsa, Shelton says they’re staying true to price holding out against inflation.

“Goods across the board, on average, have been the same. Some of the prices have gone up a little bit, some have gone down a little bit,” said Shelton. “It’s been about the same, though, just because being a nonprofit organization we want to focus on providing goods to the neighborhood at an affordable price.”

From the essential main dishes to sides, Shelton says there’s a deal on every shelf.

“Right now we’ve got the Velveeta 32 oz. bricks for $7.99, which is better than you’ll find just about anywhere else,” said Shelton. “We’ve got New York strip steaks for $8.79, which is also far below the regular market in Waco right now.”

For anyone shopping on a budget for upcoming games, Shelton says it’s best to plan ahead to save money.

“Just make a list of the items you know you’re going to want to go and tailgate,” said Shelton. “Do price point comparisons at different establishments, see where you’re going to get the best deal and go with it from there.”

Shelton says they’ll be rotating their specials on a daily basis and encourages tailgaters to come shop.