U R Busted: No More Texting & Driving in Denton

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DENTON, TX -- Okay, admit it. How many of you have texted while driving? Yeah, we know. It's a bad habit... SMH.

"Today's the day you don't text because the cops are looking for ya," one NewsFix viewer said.

Yeah, this guy knows what's up. Starting Monday, Denton cops are G2G -- good to go -- when it comes to busting drivers texting behind the wheel.

"The grace period's over and we're able to start issuing tickets if you are caught texting while driving," Denton PD said.

That's right, the texting and driving ban is in full effect. You may remember, the ordinance passed back in May. The city says using your phone for anything else other than calls is a traffic hazard.

Get this, if busted, it could cost up to $200. Hey, don't think sad face emoji will get you out of that ticket.

"I was almost run off the road about a month ago, so I'm quite pleased it's going into effect," Denton resident Wendell Farely said.

Look folks, this is serious. TxDOT reported nearly 95,000 crashes involved distracted drivers in 2013.

Keep in mind, the ban applies to all Denton City streets. The message to drivers is clear -- stop texting and driving. No LOL about it.

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